Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Columbia School of Performing Arts located?
A: We are located on the third floor of the Columbia Arts Building, 307 West 11th Sreet, Columbia, TN 38401

Q. When do you register for classes?
A. Our season runs August- June. Registration opens up the May before the fall season begins. We take new students until January 15th. Each summer we have classes and camps that are available for registration in March of that year. 

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes. Proper dress code is important to accurately instruct students in exciting proper technique. All dress code needs can be purchased through the CSPA office or registration dates. 

  1. CSPA will have proper dance wear available for purchase during Open House and during the school year in the office.

  2. No jewerly may be worn during class, except small stud earrings. Girls' hair must be completely pulled back for all classes and in a proper classic ballet bun for all ballet classes.

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Q: How are students evaluated?

A: Levels 2 and up require a student evaluation or placement. At this time, new students are evaluated for class placement through appointment. To request an evaluation you can email Returning students are given their placement evaluation at the end of each season when the new schedule is announced.

Q. Are classes open to observation throughout the school year?
A. No. We offer parent observation at the studio in October.  During this week family is allowed to observe class. 

Q: Do students have recitals or performance opportunities?
A: Yes, Each year the CSPA studio presents a performance of the Nutcracker in December. In addition,  all students are eligible and encouraged to participate in the spring Recital in June along with our sister school Franklin School of Performing Arts.  There are fees that apply to the performance and therefore is not mandatory. Other performance opportunities will be given as opportunity arises.

Q. How do I make a tuition payment?
A. We encourage all students to sign up for automatic payment processing through our online software. Additional ways to pay is placing a check or cash in the CSPA drop box located in the studio or prepaying per semester / full season. Please enclose all cash in a sealed envelope with the students name not he front of the envelope. 

Q. How do you notify students and parents of studio news and updates?
A. Our main form of communication is email. Please make sure that you are receiving emails from our studio and that they are not going to your spam or junk folder. Each month we will send out a detailed newsletter that will also be posted on the blog section of the website. Additionally, we ask you find us on social media for daily updates and highlights from the studio. In the case of an emergency or weather closing, we will email , post on social media, and (Snowbird- for weather). 

Q. Who do I contact if I have any questions?
A. Email  or 615-628-8444