Fall Registration 


Online Registration- Available Until January

Just want to register?  Purchase Registration and fill out online form. Additional paper work and waivers will be required to be filled out and signed before student starts class. 

$35.00 per student.


Class Placement

For Intermediate/Advanced levels students will have to be approved for registration. The best way to do this is by one on one class placement. 


Tuition is calculated based on a 4 week per month system from August thru May (Plus one week of June). We do not prorate for 3 weeks or charge more for 5 weeks of classes. Full tuition is due the first week of each month and is late after the 10th incurring a $15.00 fee. You will not receive a monthly invoice from us, so please note the due date of payments on your calendar. Tuition is due regardless of absences. You are paying for a reserved spot in our class. Students are welcome to make the classes up in another class. (Please review make up policy). Missed classes are not refundable.


How to Pay Tuition? 

  1. Pay by Check, made out to CSPA or Columbia School of Performing Arts. Please put cash or check in a sealed envelope with students name  the front in the drop box hanging on the studio wall.

  2. Automatic Payment. We are happy to store your credit card information in our secured system. The first of each month your monthly tuition will be withdrawn. You must bring your cc to the studio in order for us to save the number for auto draft.

  3. Pre Pay by semester or the whole season. 


All classes are priced separately- unless monthly tuition reaches the discounted pricing below. 

30 minutes class- $45.00

45 minutes class- $60.00

1 hour class- $65.00

1.25 hour class - $75.00  

1.5 hour class- $90.00

Discount pricing for 3 classes or more per week: (Hours are added together. Siblings hours may also be added together). 

up to 3 hours class or combined $173.00  

4.25-5 hrs per week- $205.00

5.25-6 hrs per week- $233.00

6.25-7 hrs- $257.00 

7.25-8.5 hrs- $283.00

8.75 hrs & higher- $8.25 per times 4 weeks for total



Canceling Classes:

You have registered your child for a reserved spot in our classes. Your child’s spot will be held in that class until you provide us with a written cancellation notice. Your notice must be received by the last day of the month in order to cancel for the following month. In your registration, you have agreed to pay for all classes your child is enrolled in through the end of the month that we receive your written cancellation notice. Please note that there are no refunds for missed classes. 

Waiting Area:

You are welcome to leave the facility while your child is in class, but please be back by the end of class to pick up. Parents that do not pick up within 10 minutes of the end of their child’s class, will be charged $1.00 per minute for the teacher’s time for waiting with the child. If you have additional children waiting with you in the lobby or in the parking lot, they must be with you at all times. 


We have an official Parent Observation Week: November  where you are welcome to fully observe your child’s class inside the studio. We ask that all other classes that you drop your child at the studio door and be respectful when viewing in windows or doors.

Absences and Make Up Classes:                            

Absences can and should be made up in another class of similar level. Consult your teacher for which class is a suitable make up. Please call the studio to notify the teacher of student’s absence. 

Weather & Holiday closings:

· Decision for closure for after school classes made at: 12:00pm and Saturday classes by 8:00 am

· Posted on Social Media, the school voicemail, and Channel 4 SnowBird 

Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for weather related information!

Calendar Dates:

We do not close with Maury County Schools. Please take a moment to review our holiday schedule. 

To see specific dates click here.